Culture of isolated caryopsis as a biotechnological system for the upgrowing of maize zygotic embryos in vitro

  • Е. V. Lyapustina Ukrainian State University of Chemical Engineering


The investigation established the possibility of production of maize embryo in culture of isolated caryopsis on artificial nutrient medium in vitro conditions from a zygote / proembryo and globular stage up to the full maturity. It was determined that the cultivation of caryopsis on artificial nutrient medium provides the accumulation of starch in endosperm. The internal state of cultured caryopsis can be considered as a marker of embryo upgrowing and starch accumulation in endosperm, irrespective of the genotype. The genotype, the age of cultured caryopsis and concentration of sucrose influence on the development of endosperm, accumulation of starch in endosperm and embryo upgrowing from the zygote / proembryo and globular stage.


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