A systematic review of tapeworms (Plathelminthes, Cestoda) of domestic ducks (Anas platyrhynchos dom.)

  • F. H. Rzayev Azerbaijan Medical University
  • A. M. Nasirov Institute of Zoology of ANAS
  • E. K. Gasimov Azerbaijan Medical University
Keywords: cestodes; domestic duck; fauna; systematic classification


Tapeworms of domestic ducks (Anas platyrhynchos dom.) causing helminthiasis and serious damage to the hosts, cause economic damage in the poultry industry. Helminthological research devoted to the study of the parasite fauna, including tapeworms of domestic ducks, has been carried out in many countries. But there is no review information on the study of the helminth fauna of domestic ducks. We take our own materials and literature data and summarise the information on cestode parasites of Anas platyrhynchos dom., which have been recorded in the world until 2020. Each species is provided with the following data: scientific name, authority and year, intermediate and auxiliary hosts, habitat in the host body, collecting localities and geographic distribution, prevalence and intensity of infection and literature sources. Based on our own research and analysis of literature data, it was revealed that hitherto there are 419 species of helminths (Trematoda – 213, Cestoda – 89, Nematoda – 79, Acanthocephala – 11) recorded parasitising domestic ducks. The tapeworms found in Azerbaijan belong to four families (Dilepididae – 3, Hymenolepididae – 68, Davaineidae – 13, Diphyllobothriidae – 5). In Azerbaijan, 11 out of 89 species of helminths have been found in domestic ducks. Six of them were also noted in the course of our helminthological studies. The cestoda Diorchis inflata was recorded the first time in domestic ducks in Azerbaijan. Most species of cestodes were found in the north-eastern regions of Azerbaijan (Shabran – 11 species, Khachmaz – 6 species) and the southern region (Astara – 4 species). All of these areas are located on the shores of the Caspian Sea and are located on the annual migration route of wild birds involved in the spread of cestodes, which are considered biohelminths. Six species (Drepanidotaenia lanceolata, Hymenolepis apodemi, Hymenolepis diminuta, Ligula interrupta, Ligula intestinalis, Schistocephalus solidus) of cestodes parasitize both birds and mammals (D. lanceolata, H. diminuta in humans).


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