Kryvtsova, Maryna V.

Kryvtsova Maryna V.

Associate prof. M.V. Kryvtsova, vice dean of international relations of Faculty of Biology, Uzhhorod national university, Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

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  1. Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Bubnov, R., Babenko, L., Lazarenko, L., Kryvtsova, M., Shcherbakov, O., Zholobak, N., Golubnitschaja, O., & Spivak, M. (2019). Can tailored nanoceria act as a prebiotic? Report on improved lipid profile and gut microbiota in obese mice. EPMA Journal, 10, 1-19.

Kryvtsova, M. V., Salamon, I., Koscova, J., Bucko, D., & Spivak, M. (2019). Antimicrobial, antibiofilm and biochemichal properties of Thymus vulgaris essential oil against clinical isolates of opportunistic infections. Biosystem diversity, 27 (3), 270-275.

Kryvtsova, M. V., Trush, K., Eftimova, J., Koščová, J., & Spivak M. J. (2019). .Antimicrobial, antioxidant and some biochemical properties of Vaccinium vitis-idea L. Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal, 3, 40-52.

Salamon, I., Kryvtsova, M. V., Trush, K. I., Fandalyuk, A. I., & Spivak, M. J. (2019). Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) and its variety “Citronella” in low land region of Carpatian-Ukraine. Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 10(2), 265-269.

Salamon, I., Kryvtsova, M., Bucko, D., & Tarawneh Amer, H. (2018). Chemical characterization and antimicrobial activity of some essential oils after their industrial large-scale distillation. The Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, 8(3), 965-969. doi: 10.15414/jmbfs.2018.8.3.965-969

Kryvtsova, M. V., Kostenko, Y. Y, & Salamon, I. (2018). Compositions of essential oils with antimicrobial properties against isolates from oral cavities of patients with inflammatory diseases of parodentium. Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 9(4), 491-494.

Vorobets, N. M., Kryvtsova, M. V., Rivis, O. Y., Spivak, M. Y., Yavorska, H. V., & Semenova, H. M. (2018). Antimicrobial activity of phytoextracts of opportunistic oral bacteria, yeast and bacteria from probiotics. Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 9(3), 68-72.

Kryvtsova, M.V., Kohuch, T. T., Salamon, I., & Spivak, M. J. (2018). Antimicrobial activity of some essential oils on Candida genus isolates. Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal, 4(80), 3-12.

Bobryk N., Kryvtsova M., Nikolajchuk V., & Voloshchuk I. (2016). Response of soil microflora to impact of heavy metals in zones of influence of railway transport. Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University, Biology, Ecology. 24(1), С. 151–156.

Rivis, O., Kryvtsova, M., & Nikolajchuk, V. Antagonistic activity of Bacillus probiotics against bacteria isolates of oral cavity of patients with periodontitis. (2013). Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University, Biology, Medicine, 4(1), 10-13.

48 articles have been published in scientific journals, also 2 book and 8 textbooks.

  1. Invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences

2nd Japan – Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences (JATUSPAB-2) September11-12, Trabzon – Turkey. P. 5.

4th International Scientific Conference Agrobiodiversity for Improve the Nutrition, Health and Quality of Human and Bees Life 11-13 September, Nitra,

In total M.V. Kryvtsova has participated in more than 100 international congresses and conferences (2001–2020).

Research expeditions none

  1. Organization of International conferences

The member of international scientific commentate of International conferences

  • 3 International Cosmetic Congress, Turky, 2019, November, Antalya
  • International Aromatic Plants and Costemetics Symposium October, 3rd-6th, 2019 Iğdır University, Turkiye.
  • The 4 th International Mediterranean Symposium on Medicinal and aromatic plants, Apr 18-22, 2018 Antalya, Tukrey.
  • 2nd Japan – Turkey International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences (JATUSPAB-2) September11-12, Trabzon, Turkey.
  1. Funding received so far
  2. Erasmus + mobility KA 107 2017-1- SK01-KA107-035266; University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Slovakia
  3. EFOP-3.6.2.-16-2017-00001 "Studies of complex rural economic and sustainability developments, and elaboration of management network in the Carpathian basin". According agreemant between Nyregyhazy univesity, Hungeria and Uzhhorod national university, Ukraine.


  1. Supervising, mentoring activities

Scientific supervisor of 3 PhD students, 4 Masters students.

  1. Positions held

2004-2006 − Junior Scientific Worker of the Department of Genetic, Plant Physiology and Microbiology, Biological Faculty, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

2006-2012 lecturer of the Department Genetic, Plant Physiology and Microbiology Biological Faculty, Uzhhorod, Ukraine

In 2012 was elected to the position of the associate professor of the Department of Genetic, Plant Physiology and Microbiology Uzhhorod National University

The academic status of the associate professor of the Department Genetic, Plant Physiology and Microbiology  is given in 2011 (the certificate № 12DTs 024366 №039127).

2019 – present – vice-dean of biological faculty of international relations

  1. Education

2001-2004 − post-graduate student of Department of Genetic, Physiology of Plant and microbiology, Uzhhorod National University; successfully defended dissertation in  Microbiology Danylo Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and virology National Academy of Science of Ukraine 

1996 - 2001 ˗ student of Uzhhorod National University,  Biological faculty,

awarded a Red (Excellent) Diploma

  1. Personal information

Maryna V. Kryvtsova Date and Place of Birth – 05.01.1979, Ivan-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

  1. Contact information

Tel.: +38-050-27854978


M.V. Kryvtsova, Uzhhorod National University, Voloshina, 32, Uzhhorod, 88000, Ukraine.